About Us

We facilitate the coming together of individuals and organisations for the purpose of affecting social change and making childhoods all throughout the United Kingdom more positive.

Our Story

Having a significant impact for more than half a century already.

In 1963, Mia Kellmer, who was concerned about the health and safety of children in foster care, established our organisation. Mia understood that the only way to ensure that these children received the greatest possible outcomes was via collaborative effort.

She assembled all of the services that had a stake in their care, including health services, education providers, and children’s services. They could only make things operate more effectively by cooperating with one another.

This strategy continues to be important to who we are today. We identify the most significant problems that put our children and young people in danger, and we bring together individuals and organisations to work toward the common goal of effecting positive social change and providing children with a better childhood.

Our obstacle is currently more difficult than it has ever been.

We have watched funding for children’s services being reduced in half in this period of austerity, which has had a disastrous impact on the lives of young people.

Trust is more valuable than it has ever been before in this day of misinformation. Because of this, it is extremely significant that we are gathered here to investigate policy and unearth facts, bringing the perspectives of children into the centre of government in order to design more effective laws.

Only through cooperating with one another will we be able to provide the greatest possible outcomes for our children.

We’ve come together for a stronger beginning. We stand together for a brighter future. Together, we can make childhood more enjoyable.

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