Torah Assistance: Should really Afflictions Be Cherished?

When Rabbi Eliezer fell sick, 4 Sages entered to visit him: Rabbi Tarfon, and Rabbi Joshua, and Rabbi Elazar ben Azarya, and Rabbi Akiva. Rabbi Tarfon responded and reported: You are much better for the Jewish men and women than a drop of rain, as a fall of rain delivers profit in this earth, and my trainer offers them reward in this earth and in the Earth-to-Come.

Rabbi Joshua responded and reported: You are superior for the Jewish individuals than the sphere of the solar, as the sphere of the sunshine supplies reward in this world, and my trainer offers profit in this environment and in the Planet-to-Appear.

Rabbi Elazar ben Azarya responded and mentioned: You are better for the Jewish individuals than a father and mom, as a father and mom offer advantage in this world, and my teacher provides profit in this world and in the Entire world-to-Come.

Rabbi Akiva responded and mentioned: Afflictions are cherished. When Rabbi Eliezer read this he stated to his attendants: Assist me so I can sit and listen to the assertion of Akiva my college student, who claimed: Afflictions are cherished. Rabbi Eliezer said to him: Akiva, from exactly where do you derive this? Rabbi Akiva said: I interpret a verse in order to derive it. It is prepared: “Manasheh was twelve decades outdated when he began to reign and he reigned fifty-five several years in Jerusalem… And he executed that which was evil in the eyes of God” (II Kings 21:1-2). And it is composed: “These way too are the Proverbs of Solomon, which the males of Hezekiah, king of Judah, copied” indicating that Hezekiah taught Torah and disseminated it to the multitudes. And is it conceivable that Hezekiah, king of Judah, taught Torah to the whole environment and to Manasheh his son he did not instruct Torah? Relatively, Hezekiah undoubtedly taught Manasheh much Torah however, from all his exertion to educate him and from all his toil to train him, it was only afflictions that elevated him to the route of excellent, as it is said: “And God spoke to Manasheh and to his people but they would not heed. And God introduced upon them the captains of the army of the king of Assyria, who took Manasheh with hooks, and sure him with chains, and carried him to Babylonia” (Chronicles2 33:10-11). And it is composed thereafter: “And when he was in distress, he sought God his God, and humbled himself considerably prior to the God of his fathers, and he prayed to Him and He was entreated of him, and He listened to his supplication, and introduced him back to Jerusalem into his kingdom then Manasheh realized that God He was God” (Chronicles2 33:12-13). You discovered from this that afflictions are cherished (Sanhedrin 101a).

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