Torah Assistance: From Wherever Do We Know That God Is Good to All and Has Mercy on All of His Will work?

God is superior to all and His mercies are on all of His is effective (Psalms 145:9): Rabbi Levi stated, “‘God is great to all,’ on all, that He is their maker.” Rabbi Samuel said, “‘God is superior to all and His mercies’ – on all that are His features, He has mercy.” Rabbi Joshua of Sakhnin explained in the identify of Rabbi Levi, “‘God is superior to all’ and His merciful kinds He give to His creatures.” Rabbi Tanchuma and Rabbi Abba bar Avin [said] in the title of Rabbi Aha, “Tomorrow a famine will arrive and the creatures will have mercy, these upon people, and the Holy One particular, blessed be He, will be loaded with mercy on them.”

In the times of Rabbi Tanchuma, Israel essential a rapid (to carry about rain). They arrived to [Rabbi Tanchuma and] said to him, “Rabbi, decree a quickly.” [So] he decreed a speedy on the to start with working day, on the next day, on the third day and rain did not slide. He acquired up and expounded to them. He explained to them, “My kids, have mercy, these upon these, and the Holy Just one, blessed be He, will be filled with mercy on you.” Even though they were being still distributing charity to the weak, they saw a man providing income to his ex-wife. They arrived to [Rabbi Tanchuma] and stated to him, “Rabbi, how are we sitting down in this article [while] there is a sin here.” He claimed [back] to them, “What did you see?” They stated to him, “We observed Mr. x give funds to his ex-spouse.” They despatched for them and they introduced them in entrance of the group. [Rabbi Tanchuma] reported to him, “What is she to you?” He explained [back] to him, “She is my ex-wife.” He explained to him, “Why did you give her revenue?” He claimed to him, “Rabbi, I noticed her in distress and I was stuffed with mercy on her.” At that time, Rabbi Tanchuma lifted his head toward earlier mentioned and mentioned, “Grasp over the worlds, just like this 1 that does not have an obligation to sustain [her] observed her in distress and he was stuffed with mercy for her, all the a lot more so, You, that it is written about You, ‘Compassionate and Merciful’ and we are the small children of Your close friends, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, will You be filled with mercy on us.” Instantly, rains fell and the earth was irrigated.

(Genesis Rabbah 33:3)

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